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Comments from the Author: Hey everyone! Sorry once again, for the long wait >_< I had finals and tests and work that just sucked all my free time dry! (in fact, I almost didn't update today because I got called in unexpectantly into work XD but I did it! 8D

Anyways... this page has a little Easter Egg in it... the little action figures that Stick Monkey is hiding behind are my tribute to other comic artists...I wonder if you guys can guess who they are? 8D

Give Up?

(They are:
Nmdklnx from UC and Ann's project: Tic Tac Toe Joe.
Charles the Fox: a character by Tazia Hall
Cat- from  Zhen and xandavian's project: The Mages
And Mo from Lisa Hutchinson's Shelter of Wings- )

Bwhaha! Be on the look out, I always love to pay tribute to other artists XD especially if I know them like I do these great friends of mine!