Shelter of Wings #1
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Sep 21, 2006 at 07:15 PM


Update: No longer pre-order only, so check the official site of SoW for more. 

Shelter of Wings #1 

Shelter of Wings Volume #1
Art/Story : Lisa Hutchinson
Special pre-purchase price : $10.99

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Release : 15 November 2006

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Image And so, I'm back to testing things out. 
Reviews of Anime/Manga based Entertainment by Christians, for Christians
Written by Administrator   
Aug 19, 2004 at 08:11 PM

This section may be of relevance to you if you are a parent concerned with what your children are watching or if you are an individual who is curious to know what's in a title before investing in it. I know how frustrating it is to accidentally stumble upon a title which contains elements that I just don't want to see. (>.<) It is my hope that providing these links will help making the selection of titles easier on you. (^_^)

Disclaimer: Pls remember that the individuals who create these reviews are only human. While it's most likely that their levels of discernment are guided by God, some discrepancies in reviews and opinions are to be expected. My best advice is to practise the "second opinion" policy, where you choose to consult a few sources before making a decision for yourself. :)

# Anime/Manga/Video Games Reviews by Anime Angels
- Combo mix: Reviews of various anime/manga based entertainment forms by forum members

Anime Reviews

# Anime Reviews by Christian Anime Alliance
- Extensive list of anime reviews submitted by forum members and approved by mod/admins prior to release

# Christian Anime Reviews
- Contains some reviews of popular titles such as Cowboy Bebop to YuGiOH

# Plugged In Online
- An affliation of Focus on Family. They done a few reviews on movies such as Spirited Away and YuGiOH: The Movie

# Anime Cafe: Anime Reviews
- Not necessary reviewed by Christians but seems just as helpful

Manga Reviews

# Manga Reviews by Christian Anime Alliance
- Extensive list of manga reviews submitted by forum members and approved by mod/admins prior to release

# Manga Necessity
- Contains manga reviews of U.S. licensed manga titles and scanlations

Christian Manga Reviews

OEL Manga Reviews by Psycho Ann and UC pseudonym.
- Wow, now we're starting to have reviews on published Christian manga! I look forward to more Christian titles to come forth.

Video Games Reviews

# Christ-Centered Gaming Reviews
- Extensive list of video game reviews.

# Video Game reviews by Guild of Redeemed Gamers
- Another extensive list of video game reviews submitted by forum members

Jpop/JRock Reviews

Unfortunately, no such review system exists. Discussions on Christian forums seemed like the best option at the moment. Feel free to ask me about it; I'll try to help you or at least, direct you to someone who knows best.

We welcome recommendations and comments on these links. Pls report any broken links, thanks!
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TheProject hosts online manga-styled comics geared toward the Christian audience and strives to provide relevant links to other Christian comics, reviews, forums and more.
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