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Revelation Saga E-mail
Written by Leviathan   
Sep 15, 2008 at 08:18 AM

Creators: Leviathan
Richard is a widower living with his son. Having lost his faith due to his wife's illness and eventual death he's turned his back on the church. His son, Eric, however has not, and often tries to convince him to go back. This leads to frequent arguments until one night, after another argument when a mysterious light appears resulting in mass disappearances around the world, among the missing is Eric.

During a frantic search for his son Richard encounters a mysterious boy who appears out of nowhere, claiming to know the whereabouts of all who went missing. Hoping that this mysterious child can lead him to his son Richard takes in the child and soon finds himself being sucked into something much deeper and sinister and quite possibly fatal.

Reading direction: Western


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