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Contributed by uc pseudonym, Mave   
Sep 21, 2006 at 07:40 PM

Creator: uc pseudonym
Description: I seriously doubt this page will be webcrawled, but if such is the case, I wish to briefly state the purpose of this page. It is intended only to be linked to from certain sites (basically exclusively Christian Anime Alliance), from which it will take its proper context. All the characters within these rather simple webcomics are members of the aforementioned forum, and hence they will not necessarily be understood by someone unfamiliar with the community in general. It logically follows that I haven't really gone to any effort to make this look incredibly appealing. As for the characters, their "statistics" [for SAC] in no way reflect my feelings about them, they are merely a way of developing a character. Each character's skills, however, are based on his or her personality, to a certain degree.
Reading direction: Western 

File 00A: Profile - Heroes with Nice and Shiny Armors
File 00B: Profile - Enemies/Ugly Ones
File 01: The Saga Begins (c)
File 02: Tangent
File 03: Well, He's Honest
File 04: Roll Call
File 05: Shadows
File 06: Clinical Whacking Implement
File 07: Jizzo
File 08: Hey! What's That?
File 09: Doom Doom Doom
File 10: Convenient Static
File 11: The Inevitable
File 12: Big Bad
File 13: Nothing Actually Happens
File 14: Dramatic Pause
File 15: Already
File 16: Stating the Obvious
File 17: Invincibility
File 18: Definite "Uh-Oh"
File 19: Backpedaling
File 20: Shadows
File 21: D'Oh!
File 22: Some Lines are Born Old
File 23: Search Function
File 24: Critical Thinking
File 25: Messing with the Main Villain
File 26: His Purpose in Life
File 27: Good Answer
File 28: Them Darn Ninja Skills
File 29: Nothing to See Here, Move Along
File 30: Holy Exclamations, Batman!
File 31: NOT Copyright Infringement
File 32: God Bless Sesquipedalian Tolkien
File 33: Bit Late for That
File 34: "Meeting"
File 35: NOT Reused Panels
File 36: Cue Rock Music
File 37: Witty Dialogue
File 38: Ill-Timed Exposition
File 39: Meta-plot Introspective
File 40: Not for Decoration
File 41: A Winner is Mr. T
File 42: Fear the Colored Text
File 43: Pretend It's Backstory
File 44: Dramaticer Pause
File 45: Transmorgify!
File 46: Special Effects Sans SFX
File 47: It Just Doesn't Get Old
File 48: Didn't See This Coming
File 49: "Problem Solving"
File 50: Return of the Cat Doll, Part III
File 51: Everybody was Ninjitsu Fighting
File 52: Oooh, a Plan!
File 53: ALL Bosses Have Multiple Forms
File 54: Eloquently Put
File 55: Boom Stick
File 56: Not Just for Amusement
File 57: Buh Da Da Da, Buh Da-
File 58: Things You Don't Want to Hear
File 59: More Things You Don't Want to Hear
File 60: Monologuing
File 61: Pre-Ownage
File 62: Big Comic
File 63: Quaint Ending Narration


Creator: Mave
Description: Once upon a time, an eccentric member of CAA, Ingemar decided to start annual tournaments and pit selected forum members against each other. Mave was among the few hapless ones who were included in the 2nd tournament. She had a good time winning and losing in these matches and couldn't help creating some random comics based on this event. The tournament is long over, so expect no additions.
Reading direction: Western/As directed

#1 Some Challengers
#2 Finding Zilch
#3 The Good Doctor
#4 "Master!"
Random: Ugly vs Bishie

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